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Welcome To Cabinets Chattanooga

Welcome to Cabinets Chattanooga! We are your local Chattanooga cabinet company bringing you custom kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets Chattanooga residents have loved for years.

The mission of Cabinets Chattanooga is to bring quality cabinets and a variety of services to our customers. We always want to put our customers’ needs first.

We offer a variety of services we do as one more way we can serve our customers. Rather than trying to find different companies to fulfill their needs, they can come to one convenient location.

As you begin your project and are doing your research on cabinet companies in Chattanooga you most likely have some questions you need to be answered. Questions like who can design custom cabinets near me, who builds quality kitchen cabinets near me, who builds the best cabinets near me, or what is the cost of kitchen cabinets?

The good news for you is you have found Cabinets Chattanooga! We can answer all of these questions and assist with so much more!

Contact us today and schedule an appointment for your free consultation. We will then be able to answer questions you have and help walk you through each step of the process for your custom cabinet installation in Chattanooga.

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About Cabinets Chattanooga

Cabinets Chattanooga is your local Chattanooga cabinets company. We help our customers design their own custom cabinets. Then we build and even install them for our customers.

Our team has been committed to producing only high-quality cabinets in Chattanooga TN for years. We expect each and every customer to receive the same experience.

We offer a wide variety of services to only further our quality service. Whether you need your locally made Chattanooga cabinets to be a specific color or style, outdoor kitchen cabinets for Chattanooga weather, or our cabinet refacing, Chattanooga residents have loved it for years. We guarantee a quality service to help fulfill your needs.

We are proud of our work and passionate about quality and customer satisfaction. Each time we bring custom cabinets to a Chattanooga home we absolutely love the finished product.

So when you are ready to begin work on your next cabinets project call Cabinets Chattanooga! Our team is standing by to help you by answering questions, sign you up for a free consultation, and begin work on your custom cabinets today!

Why Choose Us?

We are the cabinet company dedicated to helping our customers in the most efficient ways. We strive to produce not only quality cabinets but offer the best customer service we can in all aspects.

For example, our free consultation is a wonderful way to ease the burden of those who are new to the custom cabinets process. If you have questions you need to be answered or help coming up with designs our consultation is a great way to help assist you as the process begins.

We also strive to offer competitive rates on our cabinets as well. Our company has tried to keep a balance between saving our customers money while also maintaining our famous quality.

You see, there are some cabinet companies that would choose to charge much higher prices for their cabinets. While you are almost completely guaranteed a high-quality product that will last for years you end up spending extra money when it is not necessary.

Other companies may offer prices that seem incredibly low and make you feel as though you have achieved an absolute steal. While this may be the case, in the beginning, customers often quickly find that the cost was at the sacrifice of something else.

There can be other issues such as cheap labor or cheap materials that wear down quickly over time. If this happens then you have created a completely new problem for yourself as you once again need to replace your cabinets.

Cabinets Chattanooga chooses to find a balance between these two extremes. We do not want to charge absurd prices for our cabinets, but we also wish to keep our materials and workers at a quality standard.

In order to maintain a high-quality standard, we found that following a basic set of values was a way to achieve this. If every employee follows these values, it will guarantee commitment to the work and commitment to our customers.

These values are:

  • Dedication
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment to customers

All three of these values have one common denominator. They all point towards focusing our efforts and work on the customers’ wants and needs.

This is where our focus should be at all times. If we are focused on the customer then even when building cabinets we will be focused on quality work and not letting minor details slip by as a mistake.

If you want to experience our fantastic customer service for yourself, then contact us today. You can give us a call or absolutely visit us in person. We will schedule you for your consultation and let you experience a large sample of our services completely free of charge!

What to Expect

When you meet with us for your consultation our first business to address is getting to know you and your project. What kind of cabinets will you be needing? Do you have design ideas in mind already?

Next, we will want to discuss the budget. This is especially important because we will not only be dealing with your personal money, but we will need to know the amount you have the ability to spend.

If you choose certain materials over others, this can increase the cost. While it may not be an absolute necessity to raise costs, it may happen if you are focused on a particular type of wood as an example.

Next, we will take you to our floor and review your options for your custom cabinets. We will show you samples of materials and displays that will help you decide exactly what you are wanting.

We will show you items such as types of wood, knobs, molding, and much more.

Later, we will also want to visit the job site to take measurements. We will need to see the current locations of your electrical and plumbing as this is crucial to the design.

Finally, the installation process will begin. Within a short time, your cabinets will be fully installed and ready for you to enjoy!


Kitchen Cabinets

The best kitchen cabinets in Chattanooga are here waiting for you! We can help you design your locally made Chattanooga kitchen cabinets to fit any style! Whether you are needing white kitchen cabinets, modern kitchen cabinets, or gray kitchen cabinets our team can make it happen for you!

Bathroom Cabinets

Our company makes much more than kitchen cabinets. We also make bathroom cabinets. With the same design process, we can help you decide from countless options to piece together your very own made in Chattanooga cabinets. You may be looking for white cabinets or a specific type of wood cabinets. Either way, our team can help make your custom bathroom cabinets in Chattanooga a reality.

Custom Cabinets

Our custom cabinets process starts with you and your needs. When you meet with us we will show you options that you may choose for materials. You choose what you like and we build them for you. Whether you need kitchen cabinets, a pantry cabinet, or cabinets for your bathroom. Your locally made Chattanooga custom cabinets are sure to add that extra special something your kitchen or bathroom has been needing.

Discount Cabinets

Finding quality cheap cabinets in Chattanooga may initially seem like a bit of a challenge. You do not want discounted cabinets because they are broken. So when you contact us about any sales or promotions we may be running. We are proud to offer the best discount cabinets in Chattanooga.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Considering the weather, outdoor kitchen cabinets in Chattanooga TN may seem like an impossibility. But our team can make it a reality for you! The materials that our outdoor cabinets are made from are designed to fight against the elements, rain, or shine. So if you want the best outdoor kitchen cabinets Chattanooga can offer, give us a call today.

Cabinet Refacing

If you love the idea of brand new cabinets but aren’t ready to commit to them yet due to finances we have another option for you. Consider our cabinet refacing service. We will remove the old faces of your doors and drawers, refinish the outer edges of the empty cabinet boxes, and then replace them with your new doors and drawer faces. Just like that, you can have the feel of new cabinets without paying the higher cost. The best cabinet refacing service in Chattanooga is here for you.

About Chattanooga Tennessee

Chattanooga is a city located in southeastern Tennessee. Places to visit in Chattanooga are Ruby Falls which rests on top of Lookout Mountain Incline Railway. Also atop lookout is Point Park which marks the site of a Civil War battle at the Battles for Chattanooga Museum.

The current unemployment rate is 4.7% while the national average is 3.7%. The current sales tax rate is 9.3% while the national average is 6.2%.

Surrounding cities include:

  • Oregon
  • Sylvania
  • Lambertville
  • Temperance
  • Rossford
  • Northwood
  • Walbridge
  • Luna Pier
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge for coming to my home?

No, there is no charge for coming to your home. In fact, visiting your home is a part of the free consultation process when we take measurements of the job site.

Can you remove my old cabinets for me?

We can absolutely remove your old cabinets for you. There is however an additional fee for removing your old cabinets. So if you plan on having us remove your old cabinets please let us know during your consultation so we can plan accordingly and make sure you are quoted properly from the beginning.

Do custom cabinets cost more money?

People frequently think custom means more money. This is not always the case at all! We like to think of custom cabinets more as personalized cabinets. You are simply designing your cabinets to the styles you prefer. There are times of course when certain materials may raise the price a little higher than expected. But there is no reason as to why you wouldn’t be able to customize your cabinets and walk away with the same price you would have paid anyway.

Customer Testimonials

I absolutely love my new bathroom cabinets. We had an issue with water damage so purchasing new cabinets was a must. They look much better than my old ones and I even got to pick out white cabinets that I had wanted for years. The installation was perfect and they did a great job helping me design the cabinets the way I wanted them.

Mary B.

My cabinets in my kitchen were really old and beginning to fall apart. So we decided to buckle down and get new ones. Cabinets Chattanooga did a great job helping me design cabinets that went great with the new modern look I wanted for my kitchen and they built them perfectly. They feel incredibly sturdy. I highly recommend these guys.

Joseph C.

We needed new bathroom cabinets when we decided to remodel our bathroom. I was advised by a friend to check out this company and I am so glad that I did. They took great care of us during our consultation and helped us pick out cabinets that matched our bathroom’s theme perfectly.

Ryan H.

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No matter the style or cabinets project you are facing, our team is here waiting to help you get it done right. Our employees are standing by waiting to answer any questions you may have and assist our customers with our wonderful service in any way we can.

So please visit us in-person or give Cabinets Chattanooga a call today. We can schedule you for your free consultation and begin work on your new cabinets that you can enjoy for years to come.

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